Just in case you didn’t notice, CE underwent a refresh with the launch of our new website last year. We’ve caught up with one of the team members who worked on this exciting project!

As we set out to revamp our website, our creative team decided it was time to give the CE a fresh look! We wanted to bring the CE brand up to date, allowing us to stand out in the competitive landscape of the events industry. 

First things first, we decided it was time to change the CE logo. Traditionally enclosed within a circular shape, we decided to break it free and simplify things. By smoothing out the CE into a more fluid mark, it gives our logo a more refined look. 

When it came to colours, we said goodbye to the classic ‘purple’ that’s been our trademark for years. It’s been a good run, but we felt it was time for a change. While we’ve stayed true to the essence of our brand, we’ve introduced a fresh set of vibrant tones. By incorporating darker shades predominantly used for backgrounds, we have ventured further into the realm of ‘live’ experiences, whilst also complimenting the vibrancy of the new brand palette. 

The slanted secondary element composed of diagonal lines, mirrors the 45-degree angle of our CE logo. The upward slant has a subtle nod to positivity and progress, and with everything falling into place smoothly, our brand identity now feels snug and cohesive. 

We also decided to shake things up a bit by adding gradients into the mix alongside the diagonal lines. This really helped to enhance the modern feel and gives a more fluid sense to the brand. The gradients shifting in colour again is a positive visual metaphor, showing change and adaptability. They add a touch of flair to an otherwise simple graphic. 

Moving onto typeface, our new font is bursting with personality, sporting a fresh and on-trend look, but bold and timeless feel. It echoes our development as a brand whilst maintaining our core values. 

Lastly, we put a lot of thought into setting the perfect tone, making sure it comes through loud and clear, both in how we look and what we say. We’re all about embracing our creative playful side while keeping a relaxed tone, preserving the confidence in our abilities and letting our professionalism shine through!

We are thrilled with the transformation of our new CE brand. Our new identity interprets the professionalism and sophistication we strive for, and our updated website offers a sleek and user-friendly experience. The cohesive look across all our marketing materials and social channels seamlessly reflects our CE brand. We’re genuinely proud of the transformation and excited for what the future holds with this fresh, dynamic brand image.