CE is embracing a greener future with a strong commitment to sustainability. Guided by our sustainability champion, Izzy, CE is spearheading innovative practices that set a new standard for the events industry. 

Revolutionising Waste Management: CE has partnered with a waste disposal company that employs incineration to convert non-recyclable waste into electricity. This approach diverts materials from landfills and contributes to renewable energy generation. 

Innovative, Earth-Friendly carpets: CE has adopted a stage carpet that’s 100% recyclable, latex-free, and energy-efficient. This carpet is produced without water consumption and significantly reduces energy use during its creation. 

Community Support Through Repurposing: CE donates and repurposes used event equipment within the local community, diverting items from landfills and making a positive impact. 

Forward-Thinking Set Design: CE’s internal initiative, ‘Frame Set’, replaces leather grain with reusable cloth material for set panel covering.

Pursuit of ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management: CE is actively seeking the ISO 20121 Event Sustainability Management accreditation, exemplifying their dedication to comprehensive sustainable practices. 

As we move towards this accreditation we hope our journey inspires businesses within the industry. We illustrate how proactive measures can harmonise business practices with environmental consciousness.