Multi-million dollar advertising frenzy!

Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl each year and each 30-second ad slot costs around $5 million! So, what did the world's biggest brands come up with...

The 2017 Christmas Ad Battle – our favourites

So the annual Christmas Ad battle is back. We love them all but the question is, which brand should take the 2017 Christmas Crown?


Face to face communication will always be important. Here are four reasons why events work for businesses and why you should be investing in them for 2018.

Event Tech – Apps for Everything

When it comes to event technology there's far too much to talk about in just one blog post so we've written three! First up we talk event apps...

How to get your technical production right…

Successful technical production can be the difference between a good and a great event. The question is how do we make it as easy and as pain-free as possible?

Value for money: what does it really mean?

Events have a significant role to play in any communications strategy and are a worthy use of your budget. But, how do you know you're getting true value for money?

The perfect event: Download the white paper

There's no doubt that we work in an industry that continues. We asked 100 event planners what their key challenges are in order to help them find the perfect event solution...

Need your event sorted ASAP?

Sometimes the unexpected throws a spanner in the works and you’re left with a lot to do, too little time and what feels like nowhere to go...

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