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We all know that delivering engaging content at events that provokes delegate reactions, as well as interactions, is a continually evolving challenge. Event technology has opened up numerous opportunities for us to increase engagement with our delegates and according to our recent event survey, it has become one of the most important aspects of an event. There’s no doubt that the way we interact at events is changing. Our mission is to keep on top of this ever-changing technological curve and provide insight and expertise on the latest and greatest event technology to our clients.

So, what’s working in the world of event tech? Let’s start with event apps…


Some would say our attention spans and patience when it comes to technology are becoming shorter. With this in mind, engaging an audience and more importantly keeping them engaged, is increasingly becoming a challenge for event planners. Glisser is an audience response system for live events. It allows delegates to interact with a presentation from any device; enabling the speaker to run digital Q&A, live polling and feedback surveys. Glisser is the leading ARS to live-slide sharing presentation content to audience devices, allowing delegates to take notes and access the slides once the session has finished. We spoke to Oliver Fisher, Head of Growth at Glisser, he says:

“Audience Response Systems have been around for years, often in the form of clunky gadgets that are handed out at the start of a session. Our solution allows delegates to bring their own device so they can access the content straight from a browser (no app download needed). The aim here is to reduce the number of steps to get people online and engaging with the content. Event professionals using our technology have seen a massive increase of engagement at their events; one client stated that 1 in 5 delegates asked a question at their recent conference. This example proves how powerful a modern audience response system can be.”


Managing live events is no easy feat and therefore using technology that can make certain areas of the task easier is a no brainer. Noodle Live create customised event apps that make gathering data, managing crowds, delegate registration and session sign-ups possible through a single app. Delegate profiles can be created with social media and instant messenger integration, allowing delegates to reach out and connect with their peers.  All of this comes in a fully branded application downloadable to a mobile or tablet, ensuring a slick user experience from start to finish. Founder and Managing Director, Clemi Hardie, told us exactly how Noodle is helping their clients;

“Our real goal is to help event planners quantify their events in the same way other marketing channels do. In many ways, we are tech agnostic. We work with event apps and RFID because we believe they are the solutions that solve the widest range of problems our clients are experiencing. We’re slightly different from other event app companies because the first thing we do is try to understand the aims and objectives of the app. After that, we then suggest a mix of tech that will help achieve those aims. Event apps can solve a lot of common problems: they can replace the event program and reduce the need for paper handouts. Documents and photos can all be downloaded through the app or emailed out to attendees. Real-time updates and alerts can be set up to keep attendees informed. Personalised schedules mean delegates can keep track of where they need to be and when, and rich delegate and speaker profiles give people the opportunity to network effectively. To top it all off we also release the app ahead of time to start gathering pre-event data which helps speed up the on-site registration process.”


Apps aren’t ‘new’ to our industry but like most things, they continue to evolve. There are quite literally hundreds of event apps making interacting at events, collecting data and registering delegates a lot easier and far more efficient but, we all know there’s far more to events that just technology. We asked, what is the perfect event solution? You can download our report on our findings below.

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