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It might not come as a surprise but according to our recent survey, the technical production of an event was found to be one of the most challenging aspects for event planners. Sometimes overlooked, the quality of technical production can be the fine line between success and failure and therefore can be understandably stressful. We work in an industry where expectations increase year on year and in order to meet these, the entire event planning process needs to be as seamless and pain-free as possible. There are three keys ways to ensure that the technical production of your event doesn’t let you down.


Always leave room in your budget for a dedicated production team to be on-site throughout your event. From your smallest business briefing to your largest conference, having on-site support for all areas of the production including content, sound, lighting and stage management will take some of the pressure off. Your delegates are the most important people at your event and by having the onsite support, you have the time to dedicate to managing your delegates without having to think about the production behind the scenes.


It goes without saying, your budget is important and if a supplier has to dry hire technical equipment, use freelance technicians or outsource project and event management you may find that you’re not getting the most cost-effective solution. This may or may not cause an issue at delivery but as with anything in life, the simpler the better. By finding a supplier that has their own technicians and technical equipment (as well as in-house creative, project and event management), you know you are not incurring any third-party costs and even better, you only have one external team to manage!


Whether you have your own technical team or you look to your production agency, it’s important you have someone to oversee the more technical aspects of your event –  from the initial concept stages, all the way through to the final delivery and wash up meeting! Sometimes initial ideas and concepts for an event are restricted due to the specified budget or the chosen venue. A dedicated project manager with technical knowledge and production experience; working alongside yourself and your event manager, can ensure your ideas are achievable within your budget and your venue.


Technical Production is just one area of the event planning process and in order to gain a deeper insight into how agencies are best able to help clients deliver their events, we asked, what is the perfect event solution? You can download the report on our findings below.

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