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So, the annual Christmas Ad battle is back for 2017. Every year, big brands go head to head to release the nations favourite Christmas adverts, signalling the start of the festive season for many. Showing the importance of love, family, friendship and comedy at this time of year they have, once again, not failed to impress. After careful consideration and several disagreements, the team here at CE HQ have chosen their top 4 adverts for Christmas 2017…

4. John Lewis, #MozTheMonster (9,458,801 views on YouTube) –

We can’t really talk about Christmas adverts and not mention John Lewis. Although we’ve all agreed it’s not their best work, the advert has over 9 million views on YouTube, the highest of our top 4 and is still a favourite to many. The ad seems to have divided the nation, some love it, some hate it and according to the Metro, some parents are even convinced their children won’t sleep at night, but no matter what, there’s a part of us that has a soft spot for Moz.

3. M&S, Paddington & The Christmas Visitor (6,678,476 views on YouTube) –

Despite the possible faux-pa from M&S in this year’s Christmas Ad, it is still a good one. With the star of the show being Paddington Bear you can’t go too far wrong but by fully embracing the true spirit of Christmas in this charming advert, M&S have stood out from the crowd and delivered a Christmas advert to be remembered!

2. BBC One – The Supporting Act (878,015 views on YouTube) –

The stop-motion and animated short from BBC accompanied by Clean Bandit and Zara Larsson’s track ‘Symphony’, has melted hearts and given the long-time favourite, John Lewis a run for its money. The ad is the first from BBC’s in-house creative agency, BBC Creative and we think you’ll agree they hit the nail on the head.

1. Aldi Christmas Advert ft. Kevin The Carrot (2,547,975 views on YouTube) –

Topping our list has to be Aldi for bringing back Kevin The Carrot to the delight of the nation. This year, however, they have gone all out. They have not stopped at a single advert but have gone for a 14-part series – including outtakes! Each episode takes influence from blockbuster favourites (including Dirty Dancing, Beauty and the Beast and Murder on the Orient Express to name just a few) and follows Kevin and Katie on their adventure together. The fact that the whole thing is narrated by Jim Broadbent is an added bonus. Kevin and Katie have truly taken the hearts of the nation and we all agree that they are the worthy winners of the 2017 Christmas Crown!

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