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Not everyone likes the same things, finds the same things interesting or eats the same food, therefore keeping hundreds of people happy at an event can sometimes feel like an impossible task. If you get these five things right, you’ll be well on your way to a productive event with happy guests.


First impressions count! If the registration process is complex or tedious you could risk losing potential delegates at the first hurdle. Using an effective delegate management system allows you to keep track of registrations in real time getting rid of tiresome spreadsheets. You can create unique invites, schedule further follow-ups and design bespoke web pages that mean delegates can register for events easily and access all the information they need in one place ahead of the event.


The location and venue can have a big impact on your event’s attendance. The venue you choose needs to be easily accessible from all forms of transport, making it as easy as possible for your attendees to reach you. The more information you can give on the location, transport and parking the better; there’s no such thing as too much detail when it comes to travel instructions! The venue itself is also important, delegates will feel happier and more productive in an exciting venue, somewhere that is interesting, or somewhere that they might not ordinarily visit. For example, Royal Museums Greenwich venues include the Cutty Sark, the Royal Observatory and the National Maritime Museum; all venues which offer far more than simple conference facilities!


In the events industry, we’re making a conscious effort to offer more for our attendees when it comes to catering. Health and wellbeing is a hot topic and we’re becoming far more aware of what we eat than we ever have been before. Healthier lunchtime menu options and healthier alternatives at coffee breaks can increase productivity and help combat that ‘post-lunch slump’that speakers dread. It’s also important to cater for other dietary requirements in the morning and afternoon breaks and not just at lunch to ensure you don’t leave anyone out of the tasty pick me ups!


Remember what your delegates are coming for and what your objectives are. It’s easy to get lost in creative ideas but it’s important that you get the basics right to achieve what you set out to do. Each piece of content; whether that’s a keynote speaker, debate or workshop, needs some specific KPIs to allow you to measure how successful they have been at communicating your message, engaging your audience and ultimately, meeting your key objective. Innovations in event technology have given us the tools to help us manage this. Digital event management solutions allow us to create a platform to communicate with delegates and track their engagement before, during and after an event; intelligent event apps make it easy to host Q&As, live polls and collect feedback, and digital networking solutions mean data can be exchanged instantly reducing the need for business cards and promotional handouts, and increasing the amount of information retained by delegates. By putting these measures in place, you can not only manage your event’s ROI, but you can use this information to improve your next event and your delegates experience.


We’re lucky enough to work in an industry where we can bring ideas to life through live experiences. It could be something as small as a fun icebreaker to kick things off or it might be a no holds barred fully themed event that transports delegates into the unknown, completely immersing them in your creative experience. If you’ve got the previous four points nailed then your event is already on to a winner but by thinking outside of the box you will not only create an event that keeps your delegates happy, you will create an event they will remember!

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