Engaging On-Screen Content

Creating engaging on-screen content

In the past month, our talented Creative Studio has reached a headcount of 10 in order to meet the increasing demand for engaging visual content on live shows. Whether it’s animation, slide design, set and stage visuals, editing or general graphic design our team love to collaborate with clients and add genuine value to their brand. Head of Creative, David Haslop explains “We have seen a real increase in demand for our creative offering, which is a great compliment to the in-house designers and the quality of work they are producing on a daily basis. The way in which we are creating content is becoming more and more bespoke as our set and stage concepts evolve. We are now producing content in many formats and sizes – which can be anything from immersive walkthrough tunnel projections at conferences through to projection mapped event openers on spherical screens – far from the old school conventional set and stage with a 16×9 screen. The content we create for our clients’ events generally fits into two categories; awards shows and conferences. Each requires a different approach, but the aim remains the same: to generate the highest amount of audience engagement and involvement as possible.

To ensure we provide you with the most powerful and dynamic awards show content, we start with the event branding itself – creating a strong look and feel which we know will transcend across all event media and capture the right tone of voice is paramount. Every step of the way we keep the client informed of the direction in which we are taking the creative. For big events like The Publican Awards and The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, we produced, filmed and edited all of the footage featured in the opening sting with the aim of creating a highly memorable opening moment. Having the ability to do all of this in-house gives us a great level of control on each project. Once we’ve captured the audience’s attention it’s equally important that they remain engaged throughout the show – which is where the strength of our slide designs comes into play.

It’s equally vital that the content is engaging when it comes to conferences. Communicating key messages in an inspirational and motivational way is essential, and as a studio, we are always looking for new ways to capture the minds of the delegates at landmark events. The audience will engage with brand messages if they are presented to them in an effective way – which is where the design team come in. We love giving the client something different – it is a challenge which we relish and often enables the best creative ideas to be conceived.