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Employee Recognition and Wellbeing at Christmas

We all know that Christmas will be different this year. Businesses are struggling because of the coronavirus pandemic and as a result employee engagement and recognition is a key priority, now more than ever. 

If there’s one event that all employees usually look forward to, it’s the annual Christmas Party with the chance to get together, look back on the year and their achievements, as well as kicking back and enjoying the fun.  

Whilst this year, a party may not feel justified due difficult trading and redundancies, putting 2020 into context and then communicating your strategy looking forward to 2021 has to be a priority to motivate and re-engage your teams.

Why Host a Virtual Christmas Party?

Believe it or not, an online experience can still generate valuable engagement for both businesses and employees – and let’s face it, we definitely need a motivational boost at the moment. 

Think incentives, interactive activities, digital swag and hand delivered goodies, as well as collaboration, reinforcement of company values and a sense of belonging.

Luckily, our team has endless technology and ideas at our fingertips to enable you to provide an engaging, enjoyable and memorable Christmas Party for 2020.

We can host an effective and measurable virtual, or hybrid, Christmas Party on-location at a venue of your choice, or within our Virtual Studio facility.

The Virtual Studio at Corporate Events are fully customisable broadcast studios, with multi-camera set-ups, staging, set, sound and lighting systems.

Choose from a variety of studio spaces, a green screen studio for added visual effects or custom backgrounds and a FastTrak Streaming Hub for fully virtual events, where the content, presenters and guests are all remote.

The Invite

Who doesn’t love receiving an invitation?  Create a digital invitation with a difference that features animation and reveals the plans for Christmas 2020 with your teams and employees.

The Incentives

Nibbles and Tipples

The great thing about virtual is that you can still see each other and therefore, eat and drink together, even if you are hundreds, if not thousands of miles away.

Provide a ‘virtual menu’ for employees to choose from and have their personalised selection of treats delivered to their homes on the day – what’s important is to bring colleagues together and create a sense of team spirit.  

Digital Swag

Another great way to reinforce your brand, company values and promote a sense of belonging, across the miles.

Provide a selection of small and lightweight branded gifts that employees can make use of across the season with friends or family and be sure to add a Christmas twist to your branding.

DIY Christmas Box

Make your employees feel like a kid at Christmas again and provide a box full of activities and keepsakes for them to use across your virtual Christmas Party.

From Christmas hats, props, decorations and DIY kits. Whatever you send be sure it drives engagement. For example, Christmas selfies and DIY kits for activities and competitions that employees can get involved in.

Points Mean Prizes

There’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition. Everyone loves a quiz or gameshow and you can bring your very own show to life within our virtual studios.

Create a digital leader-board, which your hosts can refer to throughout. This will enable you to reward teams or employees across the event, as an added bonus.

Overall, it’s important that employees don’t spend their evening just listening and watching and that they feel part of what’s happening.

The Engagement and Recognition

In a recent article, we shared ideas and strategies around employee support and wellbeing, and we believe your Christmas campaign should be a part of this.

Weave in opportunities to engage, recognise and reward teams and employees by hosting your own virtual awards ceremony.  

We can provide branded landing pages that host live streams, Tweet-wall’s and interactive features that allow your employees to take part, wherever they are.

Take things one step further and work with a celebrity to really make your online event something to remember.

The Entertainment

Just because there’s no dancefloor, it doesn’t mean that entertainment is off the cards.

There are a variety of high-end virtual DJ’s, bands, magicians and comedians to keep your employees engaged and entertained throughout, as well as creating some really memorable moments.

Need some more inspiration?

We can tailor a virtual Christmas Party to your needs and objectives as well as guaranteeing an engaging and memorable experience for all. Talk to us.