Lana Knight

How To Power-Up Your Virtual Event Engagement


You might think that virtual events are less engaging, but you’d be surprised at the value they can bring. However, there are far too many events where attendees are only watching videos, remarks and demos. Attendees should be doing, not just watching.

Virtual events have some key advantages including eliminating venue, travel and staffing costs which could have prevented attendees from taking part previously, as well as benefitting from fewer capacity restrictions (not to mention reduced carbon emissions) – ultimately these factors will all boost your reach and results.

Virtual and Hybrid events are the way forward right now – this is your chance to really think about how to keep attendees engaged throughout. With that in mind, we’ve put together our favourite top-tips and ideas to help you power-up your virtual event engagement.


1.Build That Buzz

  • Build buzz and further attendance by encouraging registered attendees to post on social media before the event and offer goodies as an incentive.

  • Involve the audience in some of the decision-making. Why not let them choose some of the topics that they want to hear addressed at the Q&A? Audience engagement platforms such as allow you to create the pre-event poll, share it with your audience and let them vote on the topics, so you can gather the questions for your presenters, making sure you’ve plenty of juicy topics to discuss.

  • Consider launching certain elements early so guests can explore on their own time.

  • Let’s be honest, one of the best things about attending a conference is the swag. You could provide some practical pre-event swag such as branded headphones, or eco-pens and notebooks, but why not go a step further and provide a branded activity to be completed during the virtual event? 


2.Engage. Engage. Engage.

  • Create strategically timed pauses for polls, questions and quizzes, but remember, attendees learn better with breaks throughout the day, just like a live event.

  • Giveaways are always a great incentive for attendees and they drive engagement. Offer exclusive content to attendees who remain online throughout the event. This could be an eBook or eVoucher download, discounts on courses or products.

  • Gamification is a great way to make your events engaging and get people to connect with each other, but it also eases some of that pressure and helps them to network in a fun way. It provides opportunities for sponsors visibility amongst attendees. For instance, attendees can complete various challenges in the app, receive points for completing each challenge and see where they feature on a leader board. Prizes could be given for different challenges – based on the win or engagement points.

  • Ask an expert. Since the absence of a venue can make it difficult to sell a unique experience, you could invite an industry expert to join the event host for a short interview, followed by an exclusive Q&A.


3.Go the Distance.

  • Find ways to engage with your attendees long after the event has ended, such as providing surveys that encourage attendees to reflect on their experience.

  • After the event, use social media or your event platform to build an ongoing community and leave your networking channels open.

  • Keep posting long after the meeting is over. Whether it be on social media or via email marketing.

  • Ask for post-event participation – invite an attendee to write a blog post or collect some noteworthy quotes for a press release.


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