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The 2016 Parliamentarian Awards were hosted at the Rosewood Hotel, London. For the past 32 years’ The Spectator has been attracting a number of high-profile guests to witness members of parliament accepting awards such as ‘Speech of the year’, ‘Campaign of the Year’, and the sought after ‘Parliamentarian of the Year’. Our team have been working closely with the Spectator Events team to produce seamless and high profile award ceremonies for the last seven years.


The event’s look and feel has stayed the same for the last few years but with the awards being hosted in the evening it gave the client the opportunity to be creative with the event’s theme. In keeping with the venue’s intricate detail and décor, a 1920’s theme was chosen. The set hinted at the art decor of the twenties with black set panels and recessed gold liquid lame fabric, creating a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that complemented the client’s slide deck.

Each year we work closely with ‘The Spectator’ to ensure that the design of the event showcases their brand and is suitable for the high-profile guests that attend. It is also important to highlight the award’s main sponsor, Benenden. As with many venues, there are restrictions on the use of audio, visual and lighting techniques. With the change in venue, a site visit before the event was important for the crew to understand these restrictions and ensure these were taken into consideration when designing all technical aspects.


A full rehearsal with the client helped ensure there was minimal room for error and that the team, including the crew, event manager and project manager were all happy with the script and how the event would run. It also gave us the opportunity to take on board feedback from the client ahead of the main event. With the awards bringing together some of the most powerful members of our government, there was extreme pressure to make sure that every detail was taken care of and the show was seamless from start to finish.

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