AV Awards 2017


The AV Awards is just one of the events that we have produced for Metropolis and is the largest awards show in the AV industry’s calendar. In their 19th year, the awards looked to recognise best practice, reward innovation and celebrate excellence within the industry. With this in mind, we knew that we needed to showcase the very best technology to create a real impact for their guests.

The AV Awards 2017


We were given the task of creating a stand out event, something that guests of the AV Awards would remember. To ensure maximum impact we showed a number of examples of LED technology and showcased Kinetic lighting to create the event’s focal point. There are several LED lighting solutions now available to the industry and we wanted to utilise them. Using a variety of video display formats allowed the set’s backdrop to connect with the on-screen content and the playout system and bespoke media servers allowed us to manipulate the video content anywhere on the canvas. We used four LED screens on set as well as some creative LED Flex technology either side of the two main projected screens to bring it to life. The Kinetic Lighting, rigged in a 5,4,5,4,5 formation, was an addition to the production during the planning process because we knew it would bring the audience together and closer to the action, giving the stage design a 3D focal point. Along with the use of a Blimp relaying a live feed of the crowd, the production ensured that all guests became part of the overall production.

Welcoming guests into the Great Room were two 10 metre LED Walls supplied by Smart AV and animated with the AV Awards branding. The event identity incorporated the AV Magazine’s brand as well as the technical theme of the event and was designed to work seamlessly across both the LED and projected screens on the set and in the walkway.  The content and awards sting was to be striking and energetic, representing the fast pace of the AV industry and to make an impact on guests as they arrived and prepared for the awards.


Creating a stand out show with a lot of big ideas in a very large space and all within budget can be a challenge. With such a large pool of technology to work with, it was important that each element worked harmoniously together. By using multiple video displays we opened up the door for more creativity allowing the technology and creative to work together, and complemented by Kinetic Lighting and pyrotechnics, the awards delivered real impact.

The bespoke LED set was designed and built entirely in-house by our technical team. This gave the set a unique edge, distinguishing it from similar events in the industry and in the same venue. As well as the set, our team designed the event branding and onscreen content, provided the AV equipment and managed the production of the show alongside the client before and during the event.

“Corporate Events allowed us to deliver a seamless event. They delivered on everything asked; from conception to delivery. Kerry, my event manager, was a joy to work with and gave me the confidence that Corporate Events were devoted to helping us achieve one of our most successful events yet. I would highly recommend them.”

Head of Event Logistics, Metropolis International Group