Connect Group


Amid the global pandemic of Covid-19, Connect Group approached Corporate Events to bring their people together for their quarterly update allowing their CEO and CFO to share, discuss and debate with colleagues via a quality live streaming solution.

With a larger workforce across the UK, many of which key workers that are of vital importance to supporting the public, Connect Group wanted their message to resonate with each and every one of their team and ensure they were engaged from start to finish.

Social Investment Champions at Swindon’s Self-Build Renovation Centre


Content across this virtual event was paramount, as well as a space within which to host the key speakers, whilst maintaining a safe working distance at all times for all involved.

Our Virtual Studio provide the perfect solution for Connect Group. A safe and open space teamed with quality video and live streaming production. 

Pre-event, each presenter received live-stream coaching and rehearsal session, as well as a comfort monitor for relay of their presentation and notes throughout the live session.

The Virtual Studio hosted the live panel session and provided a main stage and backdrop with 2-metre distance between the three presenters throughout, which still allowed them to interact with one another.

Corporate Events directed the session with a 3-camera set-up and live vision mix throughout, as well as a locked-off camera at the rear.

Slido was also introduced into the live stream, which gave delegates the ability to interact in real-time with the panellists via questions and comments, as well as live debate and opinion polls.

For those frontline staff members who were not available for the live stream, Corporate Events produced the recorded session which was later available across the internal Intranet at Connect Group.


The results were strong. Over 250 interactive questions were submitted, over 500 live viewers attended and since the event over 1000 employees have watched the recording. Connect Group are currently planning their next event, which will pivot from live to virtual. We very much look forward to supporting them.