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An awards show is a high-pressure environment with numerous people to organise including sponsors and high-profile celebrity hosts. Despite the stresses going on behind the scenes your guest’s expectations of a luxurious, entertaining and glamorous event need to be met. As an event production agency, we can relieve the pressure both on-site and pre-event with a team of producers, event managers and technicians coordinating the set design and build; content creation, venue, entertainment, and the technical production including, sound, data and lighting technicians on hand to ensure your event runs like clockwork.



Innovation is a core part of what we do, we continue to invest in new audio and visual solutions and inspiring creative design to create stand-out productions that give your guests something to remember. We work as an extension of your own team to ensure that we understand your objectives and can create a production that is unique to your brand. Our event managers and designers can work with you on every element of the event design including; the set and stage, room layout, awards logos, slide production and the creation of a unique opening sting. Our aim is to make sure that your event theme resonates pre, during and post-event, leaving a lasting impact on your audience.



The additional support of an experienced production team and dedicated event manager mean you can invest your time in the most important people – your sponsors and guests. Our unique offering is that we can provide a fully in-house service, therefore you have the flexibility to use our services individually, or as a full production package; as a one off, or as a long-term solution – whichever works best for you.

How we can help…

  • Animation design
  • Branding and Event ID design
  • Film & video solutions
  • Event Management
  • AV hire, supply & technical support
  • Creative Lighting design
  • Projection Mapping
  • Entertainment
  • Venue

Want to create a true showstopper? Give us a call.

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