Corporate Events New Vans

Going green – the new vans are in!

The environment is an important topic of conversation within the events industry and continues to be a key consideration when planning events. More is being done to make events as sustainable as possible and it is important for us as suppliers to take responsibility for our effects on the environment.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint and increasing cost efficiency
In order to make our services as economical and as environmentally friendly as possible, we have invested in a new fleet of efficient vehicles with a considerable increase in payload giving us further flexibility when planning an event. The nature of the events industry means that we are regularly making long journeys across the UK and it is important for us to take into consideration the impact this has on the environment. The investment not only supports our ISO 14001 certification; it enables us to enhance the cost efficiency of our service by passing the cost saving achieved by utilising a single vehicle where we would have previously used two, onto our clients.
The techy bit: The new vans are equipped with Euro 6 engines and SDR technology which use Ad blue (a non-explosive, non-inflammable & harmless to the environment solution) to help reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhausts of diesel vehicles. With the number of miles that we cover each year, this investment into sustainable technology is going to have a significant impact on our carbon footprint moving forward.

Another extremely important note to add…
Bluetooth, heated seats and plenty of cup holders! Our crew work long hours, early mornings and late nights to ensure that we continue to deliver quality events for our clients – they need to be comfortable!