Lana Knight

Top Tips for Virtual Sponsor Engagement

Before you get started, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is – what do the audience really want?

Most importantly, don’t hound your audience with pop-up chats or ads that follow them around. This won’t drive results for your sponsors or leave a good impression.

Do focus on providing valuable information that’s clear and easy to use, presenting it through an experience that’s both relevant and engaging for your audience.

We’ve put together our favourite tips to support you to incorporate your sponsors effectively into your virtual event.

Pre-event Exposure

  • Feature your sponsors’ logos and messaging in all your email communications and across social media pre-event.
  • Invite your sponsors to offer free demos or services to your registrants in the weeks or months leading up to your virtual event, so the audience can try out their services with a trial.
  • If you collect addresses for registration, send pre-event swag before the day of your event to build that buzz.
  • Generate even more engagement before things have started and encourage attendees to post their swag to social channels using your event hashtags.
  • Consider sending a ‘Digital Event Bag’. It’s the perfect way to collate all your sponsorship content and event links. Offer sponsors access to this data post-event, as well as how they interacted with their swag.
  • Deliver lunch, snacks or refreshments ahead of your virtual event, or better still make this an interactive activity from your sponsors.

On-the-day Exposure

  • Offer branding opportunities across your keynotes, breakouts, networking spaces and registration pages.
  • Include logos, background graphics or branding on the holding slide or video you display before the session starts.
  • Offer your sponsors branded transitions between speakers or slides.
  • Weave in promotional videos that loop or play during breaks or in the moments before your keynote.
  • Regularly provide sponsors with social media shout-outs across the event.
  • Host an ‘Ask Me Anything’ or Q&A with a celebrity appearance or anticipated presenter.

Post-Event Exposure

  • Provide even further exposure long after your event has finished and include short “bumper videos” (like the short ads you watch before YouTube videos) promoting your sponsors ahead of the content.
  • Host a follow-up sponsor session that you advertise following your event. Sponsors are provided with a time slot for their pitch, presentation, or Q&A and will manage their own content.
  • Feature your sponsors across your continued engagement with your audience. Include featured blog posts in monthly newsletters, features in monthly or quarterly industry panel discussions, or other upcoming events.

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