Why choose Inflatable Pods for events?

Cost Effective Inflatable Pods

Here at Corporate Events we like to think we’re something of experts when it comes to providing you with creative and innovative solutions to help design your perfect event. One of the most common requests we are asked is how we can create break out spaces at conferences that provide a more unique and engaging experience for delegates.

Recently we’ve been making use of a popular emerging trend within the industry, inflatable meeting pods, to transform our varied event venues into stylish and inspiring spaces. The diversity of inflatable meeting pods expands through many an idea. Using their simplicity of design, these rentable structures offer a stylised backdrop within conferences or effective meeting rooms. Despite appearing simplistic initially, part of the appeal of using these inflatables is that they can be adapted to be as visually impressive as required, with our additional technical design options. The benefits to using these spaces to transform your event are endless, take a look at some of our top reasons below.

1. Cost Effective

The simple design concept and lightweight material make the pods relatively inexpensive to hire and also can save a client money during set up as construction is much less complicated or time consuming than building traditional solid sets. Being able to digitally project branding, colours or artwork directly on to the structures also saves printing and artwork costs.

Inflatable pods for events

2. Adaptable

Perhaps the most appealing factor to using these pods is the fact that they are simply blank canvases which lend themselves extremely well to individual creative ideas. No two events which utilise inflatables have to look the same. The pods can be easily branded to your company logo, the colours changed to suit the themes of your event, and they serve a multiple of purposes.

3. Creative use of space

If your venue is short of room they provide space saving alternatives to regular break out areas, but equally can easily help to fill large spaces to avoid them looking too vast and empty. The additional option of having the structures built with a roof means they are also suitable for outdoor events and provide reliable shelter from the unpredictable British weather!

Inflatable pods

4. Visually stimulating

They allow us to do what we do best in terms of our technical and creative abilities. Our in-house studio team can design projection mapping sequences and light shows which are displayed on to the structures – this provides a visually stimulating experience for delegates which is unique and different from a normal stage setting and helps encourage engagement.

5. Perfect for break-out sessions at conference

We often suggest to clients that these spaces are used to provide delegates with an intimate experience to allow them to benefit fully from facilitated speaker sessions in a quieter environment. They also work well as creative areas for delegates to brainstorm or take a quiet moment during a hectic event schedule.

Inflatable pods for conference

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