The Parliamentarian of the Year Awards by The Spectator that takes place annually, this year in London’s Rosewood Hotel. The event recognises and highlights the inspirational and active Parliamentarians excelling in their field.

This year The Spectator wanted a stage design that was new, fresh and fun for the returning delegates. The inspiration for the set design was to be in line with their creative theme of the year “Politics is Theatre”.

Having delivered the event for a decade, the Corporate Events team kicked things off by designing a range set and stage designs for the awards, from elegant and modern, to more celebratory and theatrical options.


The final selected design took inspiration by the Toy Theatres, also called Paper Theatres, where we designed a multi layered set which re-created the look and feel of a classic toy theatre – bringing a nostalgic vintage glam feel to the stage. The tech used to highlight the set and the style of graphics designed brought an elegant 1920s look to the stage, the perfect setting for the glitzy awards ceremony.

To achieve a realistic and premium build, we carefully selected materials, tech and curated bold graphic design to create the cut-out shapes that made up the dramatic theatre design. To replicate the look and feel of a real life theatre, we used a rounded stage, this also meant for a more immersive experience for delegates, feeling closer to the action. The final result allowed us to create an impressive Toy Theatre in full human scale.

One crucial aspect of the process was to work closely with the client’s in-house creative team who was hand drawing the illustrations for each item of the set. This collaboration proved hugely successful, and the images speak for themselves!


Our client said: “CE delivered an absolutely incredible awards ceremony in 2023. The set was utterly magnificent, and as usual, the awards show was seamless. We had so many compliments and positive remarks from the guests. The whole room just felt so special; it was a total triumph. The team at CE is such a pleasure to work with, and I’m so glad my last parliamentarian awards looked the way it did – I’m not sure anyone can top that to be honest!”